Thursday, April 30, 2009

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EIT Exam 04/25/2009

This 8-hour exam really consumes one's strength and energy.
The general part (120 questions) in the morning is not difficult. But I ran out of time and had to guess several answers.
In the afternoon session (60 questions), I chose "Other/General" category, which turned out to be a wrong choice. Too many thermodynamic questions brought a nightmare. I cannot even find corresponding equations in the reference book!! It's too bad that not many weighted were put in mathematics and mechanics.

Experiences and lessons:
1. Have a good rest the night before to gain enough energy.
2. Find the location and direction ahead of time.
3. Bring water, chocolate and lunch.
3. Calculator instructions are allowed in the exam.
4. Be familiar with the reference book.
5. Recommend transportation engineers to take "Industrial Engineering" in the afternoon part!!!!

Exam Result:
Well, I passed the EIT exam and so as my friends. We found that in our state the pass rate is almost 60%!!!