Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Google Earth Tools

Google Earth is a useful and powerful tool. Recently I am working on Google Earth Pro. Here are their additional functions compared to the free version:
(1) Measure polygons and circles;
(2) Print high-resolution image;
(3) Import spreadsheet files and GIS shape files;
Does this Pro license really deserve 400$/year? Well, it does save a lot work load. But those functions can also be done by using some online tools or coding kml/kmz files.
I am not familiar with Google Earth API and those coding stuff. But here are some useful tools I found from ...Google....
(1) KML Circle Generator
It'll generate a LineString path for you that looks just like a circle.
(2) Earth Point Tools: Calculate Polygon Area
Calculate the area of a Google Earth polygon, its perimeter, centroid, and bounding box.
Calculate the length of a path, its mid-point, and bounding box.
You can measure multiple polygons in one folder at one time, and export the results in excel files. Amazing!
(3)Earth Point Tools: Create Directional Arrow
Export a spreadsheet of lat/long coordinates to Google Earth. Pop-up balloons, icons, paths, and directional arrows are easily created from the spreadsheet data.
(A lot of other small but powerful tools can be found in this website. )