Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tips to be more professional

  1. Practice presentation skills. Speak clear, loud, and slower (especially if you have a foreign accent).
  2. Let figures/charts/graphs tell stories in presentation slides, avoid using too many texts.
  3. Small talk skills.
  4. When speaking with other people, avoid using "mmm", "nnn", "I see", "yes", "you know", "like" too often between sentences.
  5. When reviewing document from coworkers, turn on "track change".
  6. Confirm your receipt of any important documents.
  7. If  you want to change/improve anything proposed by clients, ask for their permission/agreement first. But before you ask, make sure you have prepared enough backup materials to support your proposal and convince the clients.
  8. When you are holding a meeting/tele-conference, it is important to keep the meeting on track and focus on the topic on hand.
  • Have an agenda 
  • Tactfully cut the conversation/discussion not relevant to the topic
  • Identify the decision makers, guide them to actively attend the discussion and don't cut their discussion in the middle.