Friday, May 6, 2011

Fileseach Method not available in Office 2007!

Can you believe that?! Application.FileSearch in Excel and Access 2003 has been hidden in Office 2007!!
I hate Microsoft not only because they keep sending updates, patches, and forcing customers to upgrade (to me it's downgrade) Windows version, but also because they make easy things difficult to do!
Microsoft is evil.... stamped... again.

Monday, May 2, 2011

FW: Funny Leave of Absence Letters

I will be a little late in Tuesday morning. My ferret broke his tooth Saturday night and the vet was closed yesterday and today. I need to call the vet tomorrow when they open at 7 to see when I can bring him in.

#1 downside to owning cats in an apartment with carpet: Cleaning up after cats in an apartment with carpet.I am running late, on the road now though!

I tweaked my back yesterday while working in the yard and am paying the price this morning. I'll be in the office after noon today, but please contact me on my mobile for anything urgent.

I am not feeling well and just paid my homage to the porcelain god just moments ago….. going home now.

Insomnia, headache have combined to take me out. I'll be in later, probably by 11 if I feel better.

I am growing tired of getting sick. I'm out today. No, it's not the swine flu. Sore throat + lack of voice.

Almost made it to work today when I got a call from the folks saying they had a slight leak in the bathroom and that if I could come by and look at it that would be great. Got there and waters all over the bathroom. Killed the main at the front, cleanup the water, cut into the wall and found the line for the shower has 4 inch gash in it. Off to the Depot now for parts, brother should be in with in the hour to help with the new drywall/ hardy. Basically looks like it's going to be a really bad Friday. See y'all Monday.

car woes. Dealing with a finicky car this morning. I shall arrive late this morning.